Sing Along: Songs & Music Activities

Sing Along: Songs & Music Activities

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Sing Along: Songs & Music Activities
  • Warm Up

    At the beginning of every Yo Re Mi class, we warm up our bodies and our voices so they're ready to move. We use musical dynamics, yoga, and mindful movement to explore developmental milestones and create a mind-body connection!

  • Sing Along with Dan

    Five classic and fun sing-along songs with movement, perfect for family fun or a quick brain break!

    The Itsy-Bitsy Spider
    Shoo Fly
    The Cinnamon Ship
    5 Little Apples
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • A Slippery Fish (Sing Along) Extended Play

    In "A Slippery Fish", we explore rhythm, repetition, patterning as well as same/different recognition. Dan and Rachel create seated poses which explore gross and fine motor movement, upper and lower body isolation, core strengthening and cross-body movement.

    Extended Play videos contain addition...

  • Sun Dance (Sun Salutation)

    A Sun Salutation is a standard part of many yoga practices! Kids can practice a full Sun Salutation to build energy and warm up our bodies before we begin to move.

  • Wash Your Hands

    Cough into your elbow,
    Wash your hands

    Please don't pick your nose, (Ewww!)
    Wash your hands

    I throw away a tissue (Ploop!)
    Wash your hands

    Time to eat my lunch now (Yummy!)
    Wash your hands

    After the potty (Flush!)
    I pull up my clothes
    And I wash my hands

    And dry them off. All clean!

  • See The Bunnies Sleeping / Hop A Lot, Stop! (Sing-Along) Extended Play

    "See The Bunnies Sleeping" and "Hop A Lot, Stop!" are combined into one fun activity for young children. Children start in Child's Pose, then leap up and hop, practicing active listening, and energizing their bodies! We introduce different animals to engage in different movement modalities and in...

  • Avalanche (Chair Pose)

    In our original Avalanche song, kids can learn about Avalanches with Lauren while practicing musical dynamics and sustaining the challenging Chair Pose!

  • Bought Me A Cat (Animal Yoga)

    There are so many animal poses in yoga! In our song, Bought Me a Cat, kids can practice Cat and Cow Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Baby Cobra, Garland Pose, and more!

  • Making A Pizza (Sing-Along) Extended Play

    Kids can practice sequencing and repetition all while giving their bodies a great stretch with this catchy original song. And what's better than homemade pizza?

  • The Bird and the Worm (Sun Salutation) Extended Play

    In our original song, The Bird and the Worm, kids can practice an entire Sun Salutation! Sun Salutations are energizing and focusing and a great way to transition between activities in class!

    Extended Play videos contain additional content and repetitions of the activity.

  • Slide Whistle (Listening Activity)

    Kids can practice their visual and auditory listening skills by taking the elevator slide whistle with Isaac! Creating a mind-body connection is essential to early education!

  • Tambourine Stretching (Seated Forward Fold)

    Kids can practice musically stretching with Dan! Adding music to a school curriculum can help children remember material and add a little bit of joy to their day!

  • Boats (Boat and Bow Pose)

    We'll start by practicing Boat Pose, a yoga pose that strengthens our core muscles and balance. Then we'll move on to bicycles, another exercise to strengthen our abdominals. Next, we'll practice a lateral stretch to lengthen our intercostal muscles. We'll move on to a wide legged forward fold, a...

  • Hop A Lot, Stop (Sing-Along)

    Energetic day at school or at home? Try our original song, Hop A Lot, Stop to shake some of your sillies out and regain focus!

  • Rhythm Sticks (Sing-Along)

    Kids explore rhythm sticks to make unique patterns and music! Music in education offers kids the opportunity to process course material in a new way and has been shown to strengthen memory.

  • Shaker (Sing-Along)

    Kids can practice making rhythm and patterns with Isaac! We use music and movement to create a mind-body connection and learn musical concepts. Everybody shake it!

  • Say Hello

    We’re apart
    Thing are strange
    And I don’t know when it will change
    It makes me sad
    It makes me blue
    Sometimes the hardest part
    Is being far from you

    There is always a way to say hello
    Wherever you are, wherever I go
    There is always a way to say hello
    In my heart I hold you close

    A single word, ...