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Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Llama (Lunge and Pitch)

Kindergarten to 2nd Grade • 1m 27s

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    Practice singing and making sea creatures out of yoga poses with our fun song exploring animals in the ocean. Children can share their ideas of different aquatic animals and show new ways to shape their bodies into poses!

  • Wildlife Adventure

    Take a trip to Serengeti National Park to see lions, giraffes, elephants and more!

    Activities in this adventure:
    Hello My Friends
    Warm Up
    Run Your Feet
    The Bird and the Worm
    Jungle Cat
    If I Could Be Any Animal in the Jungle
    Breathing Ball

  • Yes I Whale (Locust Pose)

    Kids can practice Locust Pose while singing our fun song about whales! Locust Pose is a gentle backbend which encourages heart opening and communication while strengthening the back and stabilizing the core.