Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

The Bird and The Worm (Sun Salutation)

Shelley • 1m 47s

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    Did you know that teaching children to notice their breath can help them to self-regulate in stressful situations? Here kids can practice Dragon Breathing with Shelley.

  • Helicopter (Seated Twist)

    In our original Helicopter song, children can practice a gentle twist and a shoulder roll. Twisting aids in digestion and rolling our shoulders produces seratonin, a feel-good hormone which promotes optimism, confidence and relaxation.

  • Tree (Tree Pose)

    By practicing Tree Pose with Shelley, kids can work on their balance, stability, and confidence! Balancing on one foot is a developmental milestone for little ones and adding in an original song makes it even more fun!