Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Rainforest (Animal Yoga)

Activities • 1m 39s

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  • Rhythm Sticks (Sing-Along)

    Kids explore rhythm sticks to make unique patterns and music! Music in education offers kids the opportunity to process course material in a new way and has been shown to strengthen memory.

  • Sun Dance (Sun Salutation)

    A Sun Salutation is a standard part of many yoga practices! Kids can practice a full Sun Salutation to build energy and warm up our bodies before we begin to move.

  • Slithery Snake (Baby Cobra Pose)

    In our original Slithery Snake song, kids can practice Baby Cobra Pose while singing along! Baby Cobra builds strength in our arms and backs and stretches our front body while combining music with our curricula encourages retention and mental focus!