Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Warm Up Sequence (Warm-up) Extended Play

Loops • 5m 19s

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  • A Slippery Fish (Sing Along) Extended...

    In "A Slippery Fish", we explore rhythm, repetition, patterning as well as same/different recognition. Dan and Rachel create seated poses which explore gross and fine motor movement, upper and lower body isolation, core strengthening and cross-body movement.

    Extended Play videos contain addition...

  • Airplane (Warrior Three Pose) Extende...

    In our original Airplane song, kids can practice the challenging Warrior Three Pose! Warrior Three teaches us balance, stability and strength and is a great pose for building focus.

    Extended Play videos contain additional content and repetitions of the activity.

  • Hip Hop Sundance (Extended Play)

    Get moving with this rhythmic sun salutation!