Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Watch this video and more on Yo Re Mi

Bought Me A Cat (Animal Yoga) Extended Play

Loops • 7m 23s

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  • The Bird and the Worm (Sun Salutation...

    In our original song, The Bird and the Worm, kids can practice an entire Sun Salutation! Sun Salutations are energizing and focusing and a great way to transition between activities in class!

    Extended Play videos contain additional content and repetitions of the activity.

  • Boats (Boat + Bow Poses) Extended Play

    We'll start by practicing Boat Pose, a yoga pose that strengthens our core muscles and balance. Then we'll move on to bicycles, another exercise to strengthen our abdominals. Next, we'll practice a lateral stretch to lengthen our intercostal muscles. We'll move on to a wide legged forward fold, a...

  • Car (Seated Stretch) Extended Play

    With our Car song, kids can create an imaginary car and practice a mini yoga sequence! We practice a wide-legged stretch with side-bending, Boat Pose and Core Work. We also targeting some developmental milestones such as crossing the meridians of our bodies, identifying our opposite feet and hand...