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Welcome Video 1: Getting Started

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Welcome Video 2: Using the App

Series • 1m 29s

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  • Welcome Video 1: Getting Started

    Learn about Yo Re Mi from the founders! This is the first of three welcome videos, designed to help you optimize your experience of the Yo Re Mi App.

  • Less Stress Series

    Help relieve stress and anxiety with breathing, movement, and songs.

    Activities in this series:
    Dragon Breathing
    Hot Air Balloon
    Affirmation Yoga
    I Am Strong
    Peace Like A River
    Hip Hop Sun Dance
    Jump In the Water
    Leaves Change Colors
    Change My Mind
    Floating Raft Relaxation
    Breathing Ba...

  • Affirmation Yoga (Yoga Flow)

    A series of power-poses to practice positive affirmations. Build confidence and self-esteem!

    We begin our flow in High Lunge and Warrior 2, strengthening our leg and core muscles. Then we move to Star Pose, a gentle heart opener. Tree Pose and Warrior 3 build our strength and balance, and Fierce...